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Young Money Minders

Course Details

Course Length
6 weekly sessions
Class Duration
45 minute classes
Class Location
Class Size
5 students per group
Age Range
Ages 8-11
$99 CAD – Introductory Special

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • What is Money?
  • History of Money
  • Bills & Coins
  • What is Spending?
  • Goods & Services
  • Wants vs Needs
  • Value
  • Patience
  •  What is Earning?
  •  Earning Methods
  •  Earning & Spending
  •  Professional Growth
  • What is Saving?
  • Delayed Gratification
  •  Setting Goals
  •  Spend, Earn & Save
  •  What is Sharing?
  •  Methods of Sharing
  •  Levels of Impact
  • Spend, Earn, Save & Share
  • Direct Goals
  • Budgeting
  • Sharing

Let’s learn the world of money.

The name, Young Money Minders, says it all! This course is designed to educate your child on all things finance, so that they can learn to make sound financial decisions.
Young Money Minders offers an engaging, structured curriculum that introduces students to key topics and principles necessary to financial success.

Meet the cast!

Students will follow Rachel & Ben as they navigate the history of money and its many dynamics. Rachel is frugal and responsible with her money. She is a mentor to Ben, who is very impulsive with his money. Money can be complicated, but very real. As we follow along, Rachel will teach Ben about being responsible with money and maybe learn a thing or two herself.

Forming micro habits.

Young Money Minders is filled with engaging content designed to breakdown the flow of money. Students will learn methods and tools to help them understand and manage their money.

Students will build an informed framework about money from a young age, and create responsible and sustainable money habits for the future.