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Welcome to Mayn!

A community of parents, teachers, and awesome kids working together to learn from each other

“We believe in one thing: raising our kids to become awesome humans”

Why Mayn?

When I became a mother, I knew I wanted to give my kids a better foundation for developing the skills needed to build a successful life. To teach them lessons that I never learned: saving for the future, managing emotional health and well-being, and addressing learning gaps that develop in the classroom, so that one day they would be equipped to buy their first home, practice mindfulness, and build confidence in their abilities to learn new things.

Who is Mayn?

Over time, as our children grew, our community of like-minded parents grew as well. Parents who were teachers, designers, and entrepreneurs, and who wanted to give their kids a better toolset for the future. We asked ourselves, “what didn’t we know?”, “what do we wish we’d learned earlier?”, and we started there.

What is Mayn?

At Mayn we work toward one goal: to create courses that help our kids learn the things that aren’t taught in a curriculum or the things that we might not know how to teach them. We’ve been developing courses that explore concepts such as wellness, skills like financial literacy, and a different approach to academic subjects like math. By testing these courses with our own kids, we aim to create learning experiences that kids genuinely look forward to, so they can learn what we didn’t learn early enough.

Mayn uses storytelling and vivid characters to teach kids practical knowledge during small-group classes for direct learning.

What makes Mayn unique…

Mayn’s courses have been developed with student engagement and comprehension at the centre of the course creation process. To bring the subject matter to life, each course incorporates a unique narrative and relatable characters. To make the knowledge stick, all courses are taught in small groups that encourage interactions and activities. In broad strokes, there are three pillars that guide Mayn’s learning philosophy:



In each Mayn course, kids navigate the material alongside relatable characters that are easy to connect and empathize with. This storytelling feature keeps the kids engaged and allows them to follow a learning logic that explains the how and why of each subject.

MYN_Values_Direct Learning

Direct learning

Each course is taught synchronously in a small group, with a teacher that will ensure the subject matter is understood. The live synchronous small group environment reinforces learning and fosters a collective sense of community.

MYN_Values_Practical Knowledge

Practical knowledge

When creating each course, we work to make content that is relatable for kids, even if the material is unfamiliar to them. Real-world examples are key, and each course is grounded in recognizable examples that the kids understand. The structure of each course encourages interactions and activities that help make the knowledge stick and keep the learning lively.

In the end, we developed Mayn so that we as parents can give our kids the tools they need to succeed in life. We can broaden their definition of success. We can celebrate whoever they are, and whoever they want to become, by giving them the tools and skills they need for the journey.