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At Mayn we’re raising kids to become awesome humans. And because we know how hard it is to navigate the many learning platforms out there, we’ve created a sneak peek of our three courses, all jammed into one awesome Activity Booklet that you can print out and give to your kids at home!

This booklet is filled with fun tasks that introduce topics like saving, spending, and sharing from Young Money Minders, concepts like emotional wellbeing and gratitude from Good Feels Lab, and different approaches to multiplication from Math Band Jam.

The Activity Booklet has been designed so that you can print it at home and go through it with your kids at their own pace. Each activity comes with prompts and follow-up questions that you can use, and which will help your kid apply apply the concepts in the workbook to their own life experiences.

If you and your kids are interested in enrolling in a class after completing the workbook, check out the course schedule for each class on our website. All of our courses are small-size and synchronous, taught by a certified teacher through an online platform, and designed to be engaging for students aged 8-13. Each course runs daily for 5 days (Monday to Friday), for one hour each day.

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