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Our top 5 Financial Literacy Month resources

As financial literacy month comes to a close, we’re thinking about which tools best help parents discuss financial literacy with their kids. And while the internet is full of information about finance, not a lot of it is created with kids in mind. So we’ve rounded up some of the best existing resources for helping kids get an early start on financial literacy; among the most important topics this month, our list covers strategies for talking to your kids about money, how to motivate kids to save money, and activities that you can try together to help your kids feel more confident about concepts like savings and finance!

Our top picks to help your kids learn about personal finance:

  1. CNBC’s masterclass on financial literacy and money habits for kids: Smart Money
  2. U.S. News: Ways to Teach Kids About Money
  3. Greenlight’s survey and free financial education materials with Kahoot!
  4. Life Literacy Canada’s financial literacy activities for the whole family
  5. Robin Taub’s radio segment: Tips for University Students Saving Money and Making Dollars Stretch Further

The framework we’ve developed in Young Money Minders helps to teach kids about balancing money.

Here at Mayn, we have spent financial literacy month developing a resource that is actually tailored to teaching your kids about the meaning of money. Young Money Minders, our online synchronous course that covers all things finance, is launching early next year. This is a live course created by parents and teachers based on their experiences with their own kids and students. It is designed to educate your child on financial concepts in an understandable and manageable way, so that they can learn to make sound financial decisions. Young Money Minders offers an engaging, structured curriculum that introduces students to key topics and principles necessary for financial success.

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