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Meet Mayn

For everything we didn't learn

How to invest and save for the big purchases. ways to practice mindfulness and manage anxiety, there are many skills that are best learned earlier in life.

Learning beyond the classroom

Mayn is an extra-curricular eLearning platform that helps complete your kids’ education. We address the knowledge gaps that can appear in the classroom and tackle the subjects that the curriculum doesn’t adequately cover. We’re here after the bell rings, complimenting and completing your kids’ school education.

Expert-led online classes

No matter the topic, from academics to wellbeing and life skills, our classes are small, engaging and always live.  It’s the engagement, the personal attention, the opportunity to build relationships that has kids excited for their next lesson.  The small classes help kids get the attention they need while they learn at their own pace.

Setting our kids up for success

We have all been where our kids are now, and what we would want to teach ourselves if we had the chance.   We can’t change our past, but we can support our kids’ futures. Let’s teach them what we wished we had learned and build their confidence for life.

Meet the team


Beth Cuddy

From the perspective of a parent, I had a vision of a world of resilient kids who have the tool kit to face the world as adults with confidence. Putting together a team of passionate professionals with various backgrounds, Mayn came to life. Mayn’s focus is on what kids today need to thrive.


Jonathan Loudon

As an Industrial Designer, father and innovator, creating this education platform to address the learning styles for many different kids is a labour of love. Using design methods we aim to create materials, storylines, characters and learning strategies to engage any child in academics and especially in course for life skills like financial literacy.


Nicole Trotter

As a teacher, guidance counsellor, and mother being able to teach courses at Mayn is phenomenal! The courses give youth the opportunities to explore and increase their engagement in curriculum content beyond the classroom and learn valuable life skills lessons; that will ultimately help them along their pathways academically but also just in life!